For your quick reference, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.  If you have any further queries or any other specific questions please contact us directly on (07) 3268 1822 or reception@ascotoptical.com.au

How often should I have my eyes tested?

You should have your eyes routinely examined every 3 years if you are under 65 years of age and annually if 65 years old or more. Apart from checking for any uncorrected vision deficits, an eye examination will include an inspection of internal and external eye structures that may reveal a specific condition or disease that, while not requiring immediate treatment or referral to an Opthalmologist, may need more frequent monitoring. Contact lens wearers should have an eye examination every 12 months.

Do I need a referral?

No. You will not need a referral to have an eye examination with us. 

Will I need eye drops?

Eye drops may be required for your eye examination. However, it may not be possible to do this during your initial visit to our practice. if this is the case then we will need to arrange another appointment for the eye drops. 

Can anyone wear contact lenses?
Contact lens technology has improved to a point where we can fit lenses for almost all types of prescriptions. Lenses are now more breathable, comfortable & resistant to dryness. Many people wear contact lenses on a social or part-time basis which makes reading restaurant menus very easy when you just don’t want to take your glasses. Most contact lens laboratories supply a free pair of trial lenses (for in-store use only for new wearers) so you can try before you buy.

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Can I make a health fund claim?
Yes, you can claim your health fund directly on site, saving you time and effort.
Will I be bulked billed?
We bulk bill most of our patients. But as of 1st January 2015 there were some restrictions imposed by Medicare that will not permit bulk billing in certain instances. Patients will be advised once we have checked with medicare. For those affected by these changes the standard consultation fee is charged after which the Medicare rebate can then be claimed directly from Medicare.
What do I have to bring to my appointment?
Bring your medicare card, your health fund card (if you are covered with extras) and any current spectacles you may be wearing. Copies of previous prescriptions are helpful if you have lost your glasses and an up-to-date list of prescribed medications.
Can I cancel or reschedule an eye test?

Yes. To cancel or reschedule an eye test, give us a call on 32681822. 

Why do you want to know about my lifestyle and family history?
Knowing your interests and work requirements allows us to find solutions that suit your visual profile. Your family history is important helping us correctly diagnose vision problems and eye diseases that have a hereditary component. People with a family history of Glaucoma, Type 1 Diabetes, AMD (Age-related Macula Degeneration) or Retinal Detachments are at a greater risk than the general public and should have their vision and eye health checked annually.
Does prolonged computer use hurt my eyes?
Working on a computer for long periods of time can fatigue the muscles around your eyes causing symptoms of blur and discomfort. It is important to take regular breaks away from your computer, focusing at different distances to relax your eyes. Prolonged time at the computer can result in “dry eyes” due to lack of water intake and reduced blinking which will result in sore, stinging eyes. We recommend regular breaks of 5 minutes every 1/2 hour or 10 minutes every hour as well as having a glass of water constantly at you work station. If you are experiencing headaches or eye discomfort related to computer use, please make an appointment to discuss the matter with our Optometrist.
How long will my order take?

Single Vision Lenses

We normally recommend allowing up to 5-7 business days for your order to arrive in store.


We normally recommend allowing up to 10 business days for your order to arrive in store.

Contact Lenses

We normally recommend allowing up to 5-7 business days for your order to arrive in store

Should I wear sunglasses?
Absolutely! Everyone should wear good UV eye protection. Most damage is done within the first 20-25 years of life and we encourage everyone to wear sunglasses just as they apply sunscreen. We stock a large range of sunglasses that all meed the Australian Standards for UV protection.
Can I get glasses that I can use for everything?
Yes. With age our eye muscles cannot focus clearly at all distances as they did in our youth. For most people different strength lenses are needed for different distances. Separate glasses are one option but Multifocal lenses help you focus at all distances without having to change glasses or look over the top of your frame.

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